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Engineered products with advanced technology

Carlson Engineering’s automated screwdriving and screw feeding systems are designed to meet our customers unique needs. Our products are designed in 3D using SolidWorks and we can provide 3D models of our components to speed up your design and approval process. Having solid models reduces errors by providing a clearer understanding of our product and how it will work with yours.

Each and every one of our products is engineered using cutting-edge technology, meaning you can expect a product that’s designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you require advanced robotic assembly automation or high-quality auto feed screwdrivers, our advanced product manuals include a detailed view of our products, suggested spare parts, and even helpful troubleshooting guides.

Handheld and Fixtured Drivers

Carlson’s automatic feed screwdriver systems are quickly becoming the industry standard. With over three decades in the engineering and manufacturing industry, Carlson Engineering is qualified and equipped to handle all of your automatic screwdriving needs.

Handheld Drivers

Carlson Engineering handheld automatic screwdriving heads are ergonomic and designed to work with a screwfeeder. They will automate your screwdriving process by automatically driving the screws into your product. They can be fitted with almost any brand of a screwdriver on the market today. Carlson’s line of automated screw driving and screw feeding products are better designed to offer higher torque in more compact units. Our years of application experience result in better design concepts that make the Carlson line the “Right Choice” for industry’s toughest and most challenging applications.

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Handheld Driver

Fixtured Drivers

Carlson Engineering has the deepest product offering of fixtured screwdriving heads on the market today These drive heads are mounted to cartesian robots, transfer lines, fixtures, SCARA robots, work cells, and indexing stations. We build drive heads to drive screws one at a time or many screws at once. All of our drive heads use high load liner guide bearings and are designed to operate 3 shifts a day with minimal maintenance.

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Fixtured Driver


The Carlson Engineering MultiDRIVE automatic screwdriving head is designed to work with a screwfeeder. This is the heavy weight of our multi- spindle drive head family. It will automate your screwdriving process by automatically advancing the screw or screws to your product, stop above it, and then advance the bit driving the screw or screws to torque or depth. It can be fitted with almost any brand of screwdriver on the market today.

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Screw Feeders

User-friendly tools offering power, speed and accuracy

The Carlson Engineering automatic screw feeders are available using vibratory bowls or step feeders / ladder feeders. They can work stand alone or with any of our automatic screwdriving heads. They can work with a single screwdriver or a multi-spindle screwdrivng system. We assemble and test all of our screwfeeders at our factory in San Dimas, California.

The Screwfeeder Series

Stepfeeding Automatic Screwfeeders

  • Single-track
  • Multi-track
  • Dual escapement
  • Single escapement
Screw Feeding Systems