Assembly Tools

Pneumatic Assembly Tools

Fast, accurate and operator friendly

Atlas Copco supplies a broad range of pneumatic assembly tools designed to give you highest possible productivity on your assembly line. The result of decades of development, the tools include ergonomically designed screwdrivers, pulse tools, nutrunners and impact wrenches, that offer superior productivity. High productive tools means less air consumption that translates into big energy savings since energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. Vibration and noise levels are minimized, power-to-weight ratios are high. It all adds up to maximum operator comfort and highest individual productivity.

Electric Assembly Tools

Highest productivity with lowest life-cycle cost

We supply a full range of electric assembly tools with intelligent controllers and software.  The tools offer operator guidance in the form of clear result feedback via LED’s or audio signals. The range includes nutrunners, transducerized nutrunners, screwdrivers, and cordless nutrunners in angle, straight and pistol grip versions.

Battery Tools

True cordless freedom

Atlas Copco’s range of industrial battery assembly tools includes both shut-off and transducerized nutrunners and screwdrivers. For quality critical applications where flexibility is essential, the BCP screwdriver and BCV nutrunner are the ideal tool choices.

Kinetic also carries a full line of Makita cordless torque tools for the highest efficiency at a competitive price point.

Torque Wrenches

Dependable, affordable solutions

From click to slip clutch, and even cam-over wrenches, all with interchangeable heads, our wrenches get the job done.

Flow Cells


Bridge & Rail Systems


Screw Feeding


Pneumatic Torque Tools