About Us

Proudly Serving Our Clients

We specialize in optimizing your production process. We tackle torque fastening challenges, automate your line with screw feeding solutions, and improve ergonomics with assembly cell design. Additionally, we offer fixtured drilling and tapping solutions for maximum efficiency. We serve end-user manufacturers, contract assemblers, and machine tool builders, helping them achieve a smoother, faster, and more efficient assembly line.

For four decades, Kinetic Tools has been the go-to solution provider for manufacturers of all sizes. From Fortune 500 giants to independent businesses, we cater to a diverse clientele across all industries. Whether you need to equip your entire facility or find the perfect tool for a specific challenge, our team is here to help. Our highly qualified sales engineers stay at the forefront of the industry, collaborating closely with our vendors to understand the latest product lines and safety protocols. This ensures we can offer you the most innovative, effective, and compliant solutions to meet your unique needs.

It is our commitment to provide superior products by partnering with select suppliers who share our vision of excellence.

Our “Walk the Line” Audit

We take pride in assisting our clients in reaching peak efficiency and safety standards. Through our “Walk the Line” audit, clients gain valuable insights into the ergonomic impacts within their high-volume facilities. Leveraging our expertise and innovative approach, we deliver tailored solutions that enable clients to increase production speed and volume, all while prioritizing safety above all else.


Kinetic Tools was founded in 1977 by Robert DeDobbelaere and is currently headquartered in Elgin,
Illinois. Kinetic Tools has serviced the Motor Vehicle Industry as well as the General Industry in much of
the Midwest for over 45 years.
For two generations, the DeDobbelaeres, Joe (1991- present) and Jay (1993-present) have continuously
owned and operated Kinetic Tools. The company has succeeded because we pride ourselves on quality
products, fast delivery, creative problem solving, and building solid relationships that last a lifetime.
As a family owned company for more than 45 years, we have embraced innovation and found solutions
to help make the workplace more efficient and safer. We generate new ideas that enhance the
workplace while supplying products that help serve the needs of our customers.