Electric Assembly Tools

Highest productivity with lowest life-cycle cost

We supply a full range of electric assembly tools with intelligent controllers and software. Most of our screwdriver range covers all station and assembly line requirements for safety critical and quality critical fastening applications. The tools offer operator guidance in the form of clear result feedback via LED’s or audio signals. The range includes nutrunners, transducerized nutrunners, screwdrivers, and cordless nutrunners in angle, straight and pistol grip versions. We also offer BCP cordless screwdrivers for true cordless freedom.

Corded Electric Screwdrivers

Our screwdriver range covers all station and assembly line re­quirements for safety critical and quality critical fastening applications.

EBL Brushless Electric Screwdriver

The EBL screwdriver sets new standards for electric low torque screwdrivers. The brushless motor offers prolonged tool working lifetime and the patented ergonomics provide a high level of operator comfort. The EBL screwdriver is designed for low torque assembly operations. Superior clutch design offers consistent and accurate torque, a must for high volume production. All EBL screwdrivers are designed to be used in applications with electronic components, with ESD (electrostatic discharge) certification. ESD certification means a guarantee against damage of electronic components by an uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) from the tools. In practice it certifies that at no point will the material of the equipment hold an electrostatic potential above 100 V for more than 2 seconds.

EBL Electric Pistol Grip Screwdriver

Angle Models

LTV pneumatic angle head screwdriver can reach in to all those cramped spaces where you can’t fit a pistol grip tool. This small but powerful tool will keep you up and running for a long time! An important feature of the tool is its spiral cut angle gears –they offer increased durability and accuracy due to less play.

Pneumatic Screwdriver - Angle

Electric Nutrunners

User-friendly tools offering power, speed and accuracy

Take productivity to never before reached levels with Electric Nutrunners. Using Atlas Copco’s patented and proven TurboTight technology, this tool combines faster tightening speeds with exceptional ergonomics to deliver outstanding performance. Electric Nutrunners utilize angle-controlled tightening with very high precision thanks to models with an integrated gyroscope using the TrueAngle function. The compact unit is packed with many other innovative features that make the job easier and safer for the operator.

Pistol Grip Nutrunners


Our pistol grip nutrunners are comfortable to operate. The reaction bar eliminates reaction forces and the new D-grip handle gives more robustness, safety and less heat transfer.

Electric Nutrunners Pistol Grip

Angle Nutrunners


Angle nutrunners from Atlas Copco are certified for accuracy and durability by major car manufacturers. They are easy to choose, easy to set, and easy to operate.

Electric Nutrunners Angle Model

Straight Nutrunners


High productivity and unmatched torque accuracy. Slim design allows the building of smooth, simple multiples or paired spindle designs. The absence of a clutch makes these tools shorter.

Electric Nutrunners Straight Model

Controllers and Software

User-friendly tools offering power, speed and accuracy

Kinetic Tools proudly carries Atlas Copco’s advanced controllers and software which provide intuitive monitoring and control of tightening operations performed using Atlas Copco electric assembly tools. Assembly process control and quality assurance is made easy by advanced control functions. The system guides the operator through the assembly process, avoiding mistakes that can result in costly quality problems.

Power Focus 6000

All new fastening solution on a whole new level

The Power Focus 6000 is easy to use due to its 7-inch touch screen and intuitive software. The web HMI enables you to configure and monitor the controller from any device with a web browser. This all new fastening solution takes productivity, ergonomics, quality and environmental impact to entirely new levels. And all this with the most user-friendly experience ever.

Power Focus 6000

MicroTorque Systems

Smart tools designed to bring precision with maximum productivity & flexibility for low torque applications

When it comes to small and tiny screws, no matter the need, MicroTorque portfolio has the solution for you. With more than 140 years of experience packaged into the compact MicroTorque system, it brings you benefits such as improved quality, productivity, transparency, connectivity and efficiency. From the smallest torque we provide innovative solutions for both manual handheld operations as well as for fully automated solutions. Whether you are manufacturing smartphones, watches, medical devices, vehicle electronics, avionics, tablets, computers or any other quality product Atlas Copco MicroTorque is the ideal choice for you!

MicroTorque Systems

Power Focus 4000

Advanced process control and monitoring functions

The Power Focus 4000 range controls tools from the Tensor DS, S, ST, STB, STR and ETX families. With its built-in functions, it also participates in controlling the station or line segment. The Power Focus and associated software packages provide easy-to-understand information for everyone, from operators to plant managers. Assembly process control and quality assurance is made easy by advanced control functions. Power Focus is a modular range of controllers, with full flexibility, designed for applications ranging from single spindle hand-held operations to fixtured multiple nutrunnning systems. Advanced process control and monitoring functions make it easy to view and collect data using the Internet infrastructure.

Power Focus 4000

Power Focus 600

Quality critical assembly, handheld, electric tightening controller

The Power Focus 600 controller provides the power to the Tensor ES tools. It comes in one single hardware version regardless of which tool model or functionality level is used. Its powerful industrial design gives a reliable process that will speed up your tightening operations. It is the perfect choice for quality critical assembly and a great entry level product to electric tightening.

Power Focus 600