Pneumatic Tools

Fast, accurate and operator friendly

Kinetic Tools proudly carries the Atlas Copco line of assembly tools. Atlas Copco supplies a broad range of pneumatic assembly tools designed to give you the highest possible productivity on your assembly line. The result of decades of development, the tools include ergonomically designed screwdrivers, pulse tools, nutrunners and impact wrenches, that offer superior productivity. High productive tools means less air consumption that translates into big energy savings since energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. Vibration and noise levels are minimized, power-to-weight ratios are high. It all adds up to maximum operator comfort and highest individual productivity.

Pneumatic Screwdrivers

Fast and reliable tools with excellent ergonomics

Atlas Copco pneumatic screwdrivers bring accuracy and good ergonomics into the production process, while offering robust, reliable designs. The range includes models to fit any low torque application. The tools are available in pistol grip, angle and straight configurations with different drive types and spanning a wide range of speeds and torques.

Pistol Grip & Straight Models

The LUM series is the workhorse of our pneumatic screwdriver line-up! This tool combines the best engineering, continuously refined and improved, to bring you superior ergonomics, durability and productivity. All key internal components are produced in our own plant in Sweden, ensuring that each tool is of the highest quality and that performance will be maintained at all times. All LUM models are equipped with a spring-operated shut-off clutch, designed by Atlas Copco, that is set with a Philips screwdriver – simple, fast and reliable!

Pneumatic Screwdriver - Pistol Grip

Angle Models

LTV pneumatic angle head screwdriver can reach in to all those cramped spaces where you can’t fit a pistol grip tool. This small but powerful tool will keep you up and running for a long time! An important feature of the tool is its spiral cut angle gears –they offer increased durability and accuracy due to less play.

Pneumatic Screwdriver - Angle

Pneumatic Nutrunners

User-friendly tools offering power, speed and accuracy

The tools in Atlas Copco’s broad range of pneumatic nutrunners offer a superior combination of power, speed and accuracy. With their advanced ergonomic designs, they are also extremely user-friendly and will contribute to raising productivity in a wide range of applications in your assembly plant.

Pistol Grip Nutrunners


Our pistol grip nutrunners are comfortable to operate. The reaction bar eliminates reaction forces and the exhaust through the handle arrangement keeps noise levels low.

Pneumatic Nutrunner - Pistol Grip

Angle Nutrunners


Angle nutrunners from Atlas Copco are certified for accuracy and durability by major car manufacturers. They are easy to choose, easy to set, and easy to operate.

Pneumatic Nutrunner - Angle

Straight Nutrunners


High productivity and unmatched torque accuracy. Slim design allows the building of smooth, simple multiples or paired spindle designs. The absence of a clutch makes these tools shorter.

Pneumatic Nutrunner - Straight